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Carbon window tinting uses carbon particles that are carefully blended into the film and provide protective properties to the glass. This is a great way to give your car that matte look and feel. Carbon window tinting has protective properties against UV rays but also against water, dirt, and other materials that can damage your car. It is a cost-effective method, but its durability is questionable.

This method is relatively cheap, but it is not very durable as it can be scratched and damaged more easily. In addition, it reflects the sun's rays, which can be quite annoying on hot summer days. Carbon dye is more effective and recommended than any other metallic dyes previously used. As mentioned earlier, it is composed of carbon particles and therefore contains no metal.

This is very good in terms of safety, as you are assured that the dye material will not interfere with your phone, for example. It makes the car look great and is widely used. In terms of durability, it is long-lasting and blocks a very high percentage of UV rays, nearly 40%, making it superior to metallic tints in this area.

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