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Ceramic window tinting uses a high-performance film made of ceramic particles. These particles do not absorb heat or UV rays and give the car a beautiful appearance.
According to relevant studies conducted in professional laboratories, this is a very new technology, as it uses nano-ceramics and is better than any other film used for window tinting. It rejects infrared light and UV rays while making the glass impact resistant. It offers great protective qualities while giving passengers a sense of privacy because it does not reflect light from the outside.

If you want to protect yourself and those around you from the sun's harmful rays, then a ceramic tint is what we recommend. Ceramic tints are made from a material that creates a thick panel, which makes the windows very strong and cannot be easily damaged due to their performance. These films can withstand even more than just UV light - they'll also block heat! Therefore, this type of window tint lasts for a long time and cannot be easily damaged. Although ceramic tints are known to be more expensive than others, they are also very durable compared to others. Ceramic window tints can last up to five years, or even longer in some cases.

Also, while they offer great protection from heat and UV rays, you have a clear view through your window and will certainly be able to detect more things outside and improve your driving by having better vision. The high price is mainly due to the advanced technology they use.

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